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Adequate ventilation is a critical part of creating a healthy environment in your home.

Did you know that ventilation calculations are part of the building code for residential dwellings? The New Zealand Standard 4303 requires that homes are capable of achieving 0.35 full air changes per hour. Sometimes this is achievable through the installation of an adequate amount of doors and windows, but sometimes were going to need the help of a mechanical ventilation system. Adequate ventilation is now viewed as such an important aspect within the home that various ventilation measures become part of the

New Zealand Healthy Homes Standards in July 2021.

Forcing moisture levels out of older homes through positive pressure, removing moisture through extraction in bathrooms or kitchens, or recovering energy through advanced ventilation systems are all key methods to dry out your home. A dry home is a healthier environment for our families, but its also far easier and quicker to heat. A well thought out ventilation plan is therefore critical in our homes.

Easy Insulation is a SmartVent and HeatTrans preferred service provider within the Central Plateau. We also supply and install stand alone energy recovery systems, or systems integrated with ducted air conditioning systems for the ultimate in whole home heating and energy recovery ventilation. Give us a call today on0800 327 946and lets chew over a few ideas on how to control moisture levels in your home.


Positive pressure ventilation systems, with optional fresh air intakes, or heat transfer upgrade kits

Standalone energy recovery ventilation systems

Energy recovery ventilation systems integrated with ducted air-conditioning systems

Bathroom extraction fan supply and installation


We try and make it as easy as possible to invest in making your home warmer and drier by presenting a range of different payment options.